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As a leaseholder, if you need to make a claim on the policy you will be required to complete a claims form, provide the following information and take the following action:

Temporary repairs should be carried out (by whichever party is responsible) to prevent further loss or damage. Do not proceed with any resultant damage repairs to your property until the insurer has given formal approval.Obtain 2 competitive estimates for the repairs of any damages covered by the terms of the policy. Include the dimensions of the affected rooms (this is something increasingly being asked by insurers). Photographs of the resultant damage.A repair invoice or plumber's report confirming that whatever caused the damage has been properly repaired and rectified.Your full contact details with home and mobile telephone numbers and email address. Any claim for malicious damage should be reported to the police as a crime number will be required.

In order to speed up the claims process, please report any incident which may give rise to making a claim on the policy to immediately.

If you know the insurer of your development you may also download the claims form and contact the helpline contact number for the insurers.

All claims must be reported to the insurer within 30 days of a peril occurring.

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